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How can I help?

My Approach

I get it – life comes at us whether we are ready or not, and we often need a different perspective to navigate the obstacles, especially when everything seems unmanageable. Taking the first step to overcoming ‘everything’ is empowering, especially when we feel we don’t know where to turn.  You don’t have to do it alone.

I like to build a relationship based on trust.  I also feel the foundation for working together to overcome life's challenges is built through mutual respect.  Comfort and growth never rode the same horse, and therapy is not for the faint of heart.  I work closely with my clients to enrich a safe, non-judgmental relationship helping to ease the pain of life’s struggles.  I have experience working with individuals facing addiction, symptoms due to trauma, a sense of feeling overwhelmed, just needing to be heard, or, maybe for you…‘everything’.

My journey as a therapist began on your side of the room.  My experiences have taken me through the trenches of treatment and recovery.  I have faced the fears and uncertainty of trying to find the point of it all and was ultimately able to identify untapped resiliency.  I can validate you are not alone in life.  Experience has helped me develop an honest, empathic approach to the therapeutic relationship and want to work with you as an individual to cultivate a safe, trusting environment for you to regain a sense of control in your life.

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